2019 UMBA Cake Challenge

2019 UMBA Annual Convention Cake Expo Challenge Application

Enter the UMBA Cake Challenge at the 99th Upper Midwest Bakery Convention in Bloomington, MN.

This year’s winning team will win a cash prize or a trip to the Las Vegas Bakery Expo in Sept. of 2019.

This year, you will again be competing as a team. Your team can be made up of another person from your bakery or store, a family member or another decorator from the Upper Midwest region. Contestants will also be encouraged to add an element of movement to their sculpted cake.

Decorators will compete in wedding cake, fondant and sculpted categories over a 6-hour period on Saturday, March 2. Winners will be announced at the banquet.

To be eligible to compete, the decorator must have two years of professional cake decorating experience, submit a portfolio of their work, and be employed by a bakery that is a UMBA member. Registration materials are available on the UMBA website and must be returned by February 1, 2019 with contestants being notified by February 10, 2019.


_____ I understand that I must be a professional decorator who has worked full or part time for a minimum of 2 years.

_____ My current employer is a dues-paying member of the UMBA.

_____ I have emailed a portfolio which provides examples of my cake decorating skills. (Electronic portfolio must include 6-10 examples of your work. Facebook or web site references are not acceptable. Contestants that competed at UMBA convention in 2018 do not need to send a new portfolio).

_____ I also have provided information about my performance in other decorating competitions and/or other information which describes my experience as a cake decorator (to be used for press releases).

_____ I understand that the above information MUST be postmarked or emailed by February 1, 2019.

Team Member 1:  __________________________________________

Bakery:  _____________________________________


City:  ___________________________________________________

State: _______________ Zip:  ______

Work Phone:  ____________________________________

Home Phone:  ________________________________

E-mail:  _________________________________________________

Team Member 2:  __________________________________________

Bakery:  ___________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________

City:  ___________________________________________________

State: _______________ Zip:  _____________

Work Phone:  _____________________________________

Home Phone:  ________________________________

E-mail:  _________________________________________________

Application Deadline: February 1, 2019

For more information contact Dawn Standing at 651-428-7935 or dawndaygrl@gmail.com

Mail applications to:

Dawn Standing, Contest Chair

2159 Cedar Grove Trail Eagan, MN 55122