The UMBA is an association of bakers, cake decorators, bakery employees, food service personal, and partner businesses involved in the baking industry; representing the interests of our industry, consumers and communities through: • Education • Networking • Creating Lasting Relations

BUILDING THE FUTURE OF THE BAKING INDUSTRY FOR TODAY AND TOMORROW UMBA represents the States of Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and others who choose to be a part of our affiliate. UMBA is an affiliate of the Retail Bakers Association (RBA). UMBA is networked with other affiliates across the country in the RBA.

UMBA strives to create an environment of success, where no question is too small or too large, in the pursuit of continued education and skill development for members and corporations at all levels through workshops/seminars, UMBA quarterly BAKER magazine, web site, and, most importantly, the members themselves.

UMBA members support each other’s growth and success by; sharing strengths through gatherings of social, educational, and political events, as well as baker to baker and baker to corporation conversation.

Why should I pay my dues? It is a vital life line for us to continue to be an association to: • Address the issues of today • Be a vibrant association • Provide the benefits of being a part of a professional association

Why should I join? UMBA is a: • Member driven association which invites it’s members to contribute their talents and expertise • Has the goal of providing the tools and resources one needs to be successful in the baking industry. • Provides members discounts on association related events.

UMBA as an association provides: • A sounding board to bounce ideas off of • A shoulder to lean on when in need of expertise • Opportunity to show off skills

UMBA Members Benefit from: Educational opportunities: • Convention • Workshops/seminar • Provides regular communication on the web site and in the Baker magazine Recognition in the industry: • Hall of Fame • Opportunities to enter contests • Certification www.uppermidwestbakery.net

Group that shares common interests: • Sharing of knowledge • Feel needed and viable in an association • Generate conversation at all levels in the industry As a professional member you will experience the value of: • Staying informed and professionally updated • Structure for leadership development for the future • Collaborating with others in the association

Become a member of UMBA: Turn to UMBA for bakery expertise and professional development. Together, as an association, we stand strong for the betterment of our industry.

“We need involvement, and I know personally, that I was just waiting for someone to ask me to get involved. I love to share my experiences with anyone who would ask.” John Schneider – Bakery Director Coborn’s Bakery Plant