2013 Baked Goods Contest

Bread Showpiece/Display

This is an open category. The goal is to express the ideas and talents of our member bakers. The product can be any design, as long as it is made only from bread dough. Structural supports can be used, but will need to be unseen. The end product does not need to be edible, so taste will not be a factor. The main focus of this category is on the overall artistic design. The item can be as big or as small as you would like. This baked food category is to have fun and express your talents and interests in ways that bakers do not get to on a regular basis. Seeing as the theme of the show is “The Heat Is On,” let’s incorporate flames into the pieces, and, no, burning your item does not count. Have fun with this category, and think outside the box. Criteria for judging will consist of eye appeal, overall presentation, skill of execution, difficulty of design, and incorporation of theme.

Best Apple Pie

This category is for the best 10″ Two-Crusted Apple Pie. Each pie must be a 10″ two-crusted pie; no exception will be allowed. Come one, come all, and bring your best apple pie to the judging table. This is a biggie, the Best Apple Pie among some of the best bakers in the Midwest. Contestant must present two pies, one cut into eight pieces for tasting and the other left whole. Pies will not be judged on weight. Pies will be judged on eye appeal, execution of pie, filling, crust, and flavor.

Best King Cake

This category is for the best King Cake in the Upper Midwest. The King Cake we are looking for is the Gulf Coast-Style King Cake, which will consist of a Braided, Ring King Cake. The dough that it is made from, the filling, the way the king cake is topped and decorated will be left up to the discretion of the contestant. Weight and size will not be a requirement of the King Cake. Contestants must enter two King Cakes, one for tasting, and one for display. Judging will be based on eye appeal, execution of product, flavor, and uniformity of the two king cakes.

Prizes for Baked Foods in each category are as follows:

1st Place, $100 and a trophy
2nd Place, $50 and a trophy
3rd Place, $25 and a trophy