Hall of Fame

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The Bakers Hall of Fame was established to ensure that memories of outstanding bakers be recognized and preserved. It is to honor those whose hard work and dedication has made significant and outstanding achievements to the baking industry, community and the American way of life. The Hall of Fame has been expanded to include honoring any bakery employee for their hard work and outstanding achievements.

Categories are:

Lifetime Achievement (at least 20 years in the baking industry)
Outstanding Achievement (has made exceptional and meaningful contribution to the baking industry, community and the American way of life)

Nominee must have:

1. Established recognized proficiency in their respective areas of the industry.
2. Contributed to the betterment of the industry on the state, regional and or national level.
3. Contributed in some manner toward community betterment in the city of residence.
4. Member of/or work for a member in good standing with the Upper Midwest Bakery Association.
5. A majority vote of the UMBA Board of Directors for induction. *

* It is the responsibility of the Upper Midwest Bakers Association Board of Directors to elect deserving applicants based on their performance against the UMBA Hall of Fame criteria.

2015 Hall of Fame

Peter Nowiki


Aus, Carl – Aus Bakery – Granite Falls, MN
Becker, Joe – Dixie Bake Shop – Sioux Falls, SD
Becker, Larry
Birkner, Hans – Hans Bakery – Hendricks, MN
Blackowiak, John – Chaska Bakery – Chaska, MN
Borchert, Curt
Braschler, Bob & Nancy – Braschler’s Bakery – Red Wing, MN
Braun, Virg – Braun Bakery – Robinsdale, MN
Bukowski, Earl A. – Dixie Bakery – Sioux Falls, SD
Bukowski, Earl (Butch) – Minnesota Corrections – St. Cloud, MN
Carmichael, Bob – Best Brand’s – Egan, MN
Cole, Frank – Best Brands – St. Paul, MN
Eischens, Jerry – Rolling Pin Bakery – Glencoe, MN
Fendt, Erwin – Quality Bakery – Fargo
Fendt, Peter – Quality Bakery – Fargo, ND
Field, Chuck – Fishers – Shakopee
Fish, John
Forti, Vincent – Sunrise Bakery – Hibbing, MN
Fournier, Jim – Jerry’s Foods – Edina MN
Gillund, Don – Dons Bakery – Hendricks, MN
Grochowski, Walter J. – Dorothy Ann’s – St. Paul, MN
Harder, Rudy – Dunwoody – Minneapolis, MN
Harding, Edward – Dunwoody – Minneapolis, MN
Hirman, Dennis – Dennys 5th Ave. Bake Shop – Bloomington, MN
Hobbs, Edward
John, Linda
Johnson, Bill – Johnson’s – Duluth, MN
Johnson, Lillian F. – Keller’s Bakery – Duluth, MN
Jones, Ron – Dawn Foods –
Kamrowski, Pete & Joy – Pete & Joys Bakery – Little Falls, MN
Kettler, Richard – Ketter’s Bakery – Prior Lake, MN
Kettwich, Allen – Coborns – St. Cloud, MN
Klinkhammer, Edward – Quality Bakery – Northfield, MN
Kugler, Elmer – Kuglers Bakery – Blaine, MN
Larson, Dexter – Duluth Community College – Duluth, MN
Larson, Robert “Bob” – Larson’s Bakery – St. Louis Park, MN
Lindberg, Gordi – Campus Bakery – Minneapolis, MN
Lofthus, Seymour – Canby Bakery – Canby, MN
Lord, Steve – Best Brands Corp. – Eagan, MN
Lundberg, John
Marcaccini, Geno & Guido– Italian Bakery – Virginia, MN
McGleno, Daniell – St. Agnes Bakery – St. Paul, MN
McGlynn, Burton J. – McGlynn’s – Edina, MN
Moeller, Loran “ Archie” – Elbow Lake Bakery – Elbow Lake, MN
Molstad, Elder
Myhr, Cliff – Myhr’s Bakery – Edina, MN
O’Boyle – Jackobson, Susan – Cakes by Susan’s – Minneapolis, MN
Olson, Marty – Bungolo – St. Paul, MN
Olson, Victor – Olson’s Bakery – Wayzata, MN
Palm, Leroy Enord – Palm’s Bakery – St. Louis Park
Pauvnik, Sam – Dennys 5th Ave. Bake Shop – Bloomington, MN
Pritchard, Tom – Iowa Community College
Robertson, Bert – Lifetime Achievement
Richter, John – Bretchet & Richter Company – Golden Valley, MN
Schurman, Lynn
Sigety, Henry
Schwietering, Jeff
Thelen, Ray – Pillsbury – Minneapolis, MN
Turtinen, Ralph – Former Executive Director of the Baker’s Association
Vandervoort, A. J. – Dunwoody, Minneapolis, MN
Wratz, Lyle – Lyle’s Bakery – Bloomington, MN
Williams, Vince – Pillsbury – Minneapolis, MN
Wilke, Lance
Woods, Jack F. – Pappy’s Foods – Minneapolis, MN
Wuollet, Reino – Wuollets Bakery – Edina, MN
Zimmer, Jack & Elaine – Jack’s Bakery – Brooklyn Park, MN
Zolik, Tom – Brechet & Richter – Golden Valley, MN

Outstanding Achievement
Schurman, Lynn – Cold Spring Bakery – Cold Spring, MN
Klecko – St. Agnes Bakery – St. Paul, MN
Hobbs, Edward – Farmington Bakery – Farmington, MN
* Please inform us if you or one of your family members or acquaintances has been inducted and is not listed.