UMBA Announces New Presdient: Denis Wesenberg

From your President;
I am deeply honored and appreciative of your confidence in me, as the President of the Upper Midwest Baker’s Association.I am excited about the possibilities I see ahead for the Upper Midwest Bakery Association and look forward to working with all new and current colleagues making “Destination: Success,” reality.Let me take a moment of reflection.

My bakery career started as a clean-up worker. I was fortunate to progress to the following. Bench-hand, Finisher, Packaging, Delivery Driver, Fryer, Student, Mixer, Baker, CMB, Bakery Manager, Sales Technician, Sales Manager, Director Marketing, Technical Training/Sales and UMBA President.

I have observed how flexible this industry can be, with a variety of changes in our business environment. Ingredient demands, customer demands, energy demands, employee demands and legislative demands. Please take advantage to all the possibilities, innovations and training that you experience and are presented at our conference.

Within all this, we continue to create and achieve our “Destination: Success.”

Denis C. Wesenberg C.M.B.
President UMBA