UMBA on the Road: Nadia Cakes

To round out June I had the pleasure of visiting “Nadia Cakes” in Maple Grove, MN. This is a stylish boutique style cake shop. As soon as you enter you immediately notice the attention to detail. Done in baby pink and brown with an over the top chandelier over your head- you get in line to choose your cupcakes.

It’s not easy for me to pick out with everything from a basic Vanilla, Vanilla, and Lemon Drop to a Triple Chocolate. I picked out four they were placed in a four pack clam shell. When I told the clerk they were to go, I got a clever tape handle placed around the plastic container for easy carrying. Tearing into that in the car was a challenge but, I managed. Two of the four did make it home. Hey, it was a long drive home.

Abby was in charge in the back as her team was hard at work around her. The Maple Grove location is one of two, the other is located Palmdale CA. Nadia is the owners daughters name I believe, I need to do more (eating.. I mean) research soon on that story.

What I do know is it’s a Must Visit! Nadia Cakes has won Food Networks “Cupcake Wars” has been featured on TLC’s “Fabulous Cakes” and also frequents the LA Hotlist. I know it’s now on my TC Hotlist!

Please enjoy the great décor in the photos I took this week.

Nadia Cakes web site:

UMBA Executive Director,

Shari J.