The Great Purple Cupcake Project!

What’s this all about? Conceived by three smart cupcakes at ‘The Anita Kaufmann Foundation (AKF), The Great Purple Cupcake Project is a sweet epilepsy awareness initiative supporting Purple Day (March 26th, 2014).

During the week of March 26th AKF is inviting bakeries and cupcakeries across Minnesota and our surrounding states to feature PURPLE CUPCAKES in a effort to promote awareness of a condition that affects over 3 million Americans.

UMBA and WBA will provide you with the Purple Day swag and signage and you make the cupcakes. All we ask is that a portion of the cupcake sales goes back to Purple Day for epilepsy awareness. In return, your bakery or shop, and website will be listed on a dedicated page at and the AKF website. AKF will provide press materials to send out to local media.

Purple Day

Purple Day is a international grassroots effort dedicated to increasing awareness about epilepsy worldwide. On March 26th annually, people from around the globe wear purple to promote awareness about epilepsy.

Giving back has never been so simple… or so sweet! For the week of March 26th, feature PURPLE CUPCAKES at your shop and donate a percentage of sales to Purple Day.

The Anita Kaufmann Foundation will provide your shop with promotional materials and information on Purple Day and The Great Purple Cupcake Project for your customers. They will also link your shop on their websites as well as provide you with press materials.

The Anita Kaufmann Foundation – Global Sponsor of Purple Day Purple cupcakes + Epilepsy awareness + Helping a deserving cause + SWEET!